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zoomdOur economy and very society faces some tough challenges. Will our current turmoil lead to national or even global meltdown? Or will it be just the wake-up call we have needed to bring our actions in step to create a world of sustainable living?

If you are interested in the issues of the day and the world at large, you should know about an innovative discussion that begins on Monday, May 4:  ZOOM’D Leadership!

For over six years, I have worked with an amazing consultancy that helps to develop organizational leaders who can deal with just such challenges–Avastone Consulting. Its founder and CEO, John Schmidt, is a high-level thinker about leadership, mindsets, and the impact on the world of the decisions we make each day.

John Schmidt is now hosting an exciting new radio program, ZOOM’D
Leadership, from May 4 through the end of July, on VoiceAmerica. In this series, John and his acclaimed guests will discuss pressing issues, possible outcomes, and how leadership may need to adapt.

Take a look at the announcement here, and subscribe to receive your own updates.

You can also go to the ZOOM’D description page on the VoiceAmerica site.

Listen, consider, research…and be a part of the change you want to see.

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