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Source: ZOOM’D update email by Cynthia McEwen, Avastone Consulting

Listeners know that ZOOM’D guests are animated by the big trends of our day and are giving voice to the foresight, provocative thinking, and real-world insights needed.

One listener wrote: “Dear John, really love the show. I know it’s a ton of work, but it’s a great contribution. The interview with David Martin was spectacular.”

Our two recent guests showcase the quality of exploration happening on the show:

  • David Martin, Executive Chairman of M*CAM, joined ZOOM’D on June 15. David crystallized little- known realities contributing to the financial meltdown and what he sees coming on the horizon. David made clear that riding the ship down is not the best idea, and emphasized the need to understand wealth and value in terms other than monetary. David made the link between a resilient humanity and “all-in consequence and cost” — a kind of transparency that reveals the humanity involved in producing our way of life.
  • Jeb Brugmann, internationally recognized urbanist and winner of the 2007 Harvard Business Review McKinsey Award for best article, joined ZOOM’D on Monday June 22. Jeb offered a crucial perspective about what generates urban resilience in a way that most sustainability conversations miss. He laid out three qualities of “economic logic” that underpin real city or community resilience, a logic which has been forsaken, pushed aside, and sometimes vilified in the sustainability movement. Once placed at the core, any number of user-designed needs such as environmental health and social equity can fall from this most sustainable logic.

June 29 Guests:

Mandy Mahoney, Director of Sustainability, City of Atlanta; and Lynnette Young, Executive Director, Sustainable Atlanta

Please welcome the eighth show guests, Mandy Schmitt Mahoney, Director of Sustainability for the City of Atlanta and Lynnette Young, Executive Director, Sustainable Atlanta.

This show is titled Sustainability in the Modern Urban City and will examine on-the-ground realities for generating sustainability and resilience in the modern urban city, in this case, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Mandy and Lynnette will explore progress in Atlanta and the surrounding region as a showcase for challenges being faced by cities worldwide. This show builds upon Jeb Brugmann’s June 22 show on urban resilience, which illuminates the core hurdles, arenas of progress, and learnings gleaned from practical experience with global urban sustainability efforts.

Not able to listen to each show live?

All shows are recorded and archived by date and guest, and are generally available within 24 hours after the live show. The entire ZOOM’D show series is also available for download through iTunes.

Please go to ZOOM’D Leadership at VoiceAmerica to find the archives:

May 4: John Petersen, “The Turning: Macro Trends at Play”

May 11: Chris Martenson, “Compounding Effect: Economy, Energy and Environment”

May 18: James Quilligan, “Economic Transformation: The Commons and Integral Capital”

June 1: Chris Martenson, “It Has Hit the Fan!”

June 8: Sean Esbjörn-Hargens, “Changing the Way We Pursue the Future: Uniting Multiple Persectives”

June 15: David Martin, “Recognizing Financial and Dollar Realities”

June 22: Jeb Brugmann, “Community Resilience and Adapability”

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