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ZOOM’D Leadership explores the importance of changing the way we pursue the future. ZOOM’D is on the air live each Monday, 2 to 3 p.m. Eastern time, 11 a.m. to noon Pacific.

January 11 Guest:
James Howard Kunstler on “The Long Emergency”

James Howard Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency, World Made by Hand, and numerous other books, joins ZOOM’D to shake up thinking about the challenges posed by the coming permanent oil crisis, climate change, and other converging catastrophes of the 21st century. In a riveting description of realities and contraction that the world faces, James highlights two competing forces at play: the dominant push toward the status quo with self-correction back to a consumer-centered growth economy, and the minority force that calls for radically new arrangements in daily life and intelligent responses to the real dynamics at hand.

James explores the pressure points and tensions underlying where we are now, what we can expect this year, and where our current path is taking us in the longer term. Underpinning the direct and no-holds-barred conversation is an ever-growing emphasis on resilience–a watchword central to both communities and our personal lives going forward.

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January 18 Guest:
Dr. Michael Vlahos on “Ancient Patterns of Human Change”

Dr. Michael Vlahos, distinguished professional and author with broad knowledge and expertise in history, anthropology, national security studies, and foreign policy, joins ZOOM’D to explore the nature of human change and the coming great transition as seen through the lens of ancient historical transformations.

Combining perspectives from his 2009 book, Fighting Identity: Sacred War and World Change, experience in his role on the national security assessment team of the National Security Analysis Department at Johns Hopkins University, and rich historical investigations brought alive through masterful examples using art, Michael brings to the table a unique lens with a different prism concerning coming change, “sacred identity,” and war. Other cultures and civilizations have lived with globalization and many parallels to the challenges we face today–and offer much that we can learn. Don’t miss this holistic and naturally integral conversation.

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