Time for a poll!

The Oscar nomination lists are out.  This year’s field of Best Picture nominees has increased from the traditional five to a whopping ten.

Really? Hmm …

Were there actually ten films worthy of Academy Award best-pic nominations in the past year?  Is my tongue planted firmly in my cheek, or am I serious?   (No, that’s not the poll question.)

Pretend you are a member of AMPAS and have just one vote to cast among these contenders.  There is no bribery or any other shenanigan involved.  What’s your pick?

Yes, my opinionated fellow movie watchers, there will be more polls, and you will get to sound off about award-worthy directors, writers, actors, and more.  Stay tuned, and have fun catching up on your movie-watching before Oscar Night, March 7.

Mood:  jaded yet hopeful

P.S.  Inglourious Basterds is spelled correctly.  Other things might not be.