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ZOOM’D Leadership explores the importance of changing the way we pursue the future. ZOOM’D is on the air live each Monday, 2 to 3 p.m. Eastern time, 11 a.m. to noon Pacific.

Upcoming Guests:

May 24 Guest: Dr. Frank Alcock on “Slick Possibilities — Gulf Oil Spill and Beyond”
AlcockDr. Frank Alcock, Director of the Marine Policy Institute at Mote Marine Laboratory and Director of Environmental Studies and Associate Professor of Political Science at New College of Florida, joins ZOOM’D for a direct and unbiased look at the BP/Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and implications for the future.

Frank reflects on the near- and long-term environmental damage and the impact on both energy policy and regulation going forward. With responses to the disaster ranging from calls for an American “Operation Dunkirk” to seizing of the moment with possibility of an “Obama End-to-Oil-Addiction Act,” all sides and potential outcomes of this tragedy must be understood and acted upon.

Join Frank and ZOOM’D host John Schmidt for a clear look at “what is really going on” and suggestions for how we might all engage our leadership in responding to this tragedy and building a more desirable future.

May 31 Guest: Dr. Lawrence Lessig on “Fix Congress First!”
Avastone LogoDr. Lawrence Lessig, Professor at Harvard Law School, Director of the Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics, and one of America’s top visionaries, joins ZOOM’D for a frank and compelling look at a central facet of change for the future: restoring public trust in government by addressing the flow of big-money lobbying in politics.

With special interests funneling millions of dollars into our elections–and a new Supreme Court ruling giving corporations and unions even more power over our government–confidence will not be regained until this flow of money is curtailed. Right now, a fortunate few, neither dependent on nor accountable to the people, control the direction of our government. This isn’t a Democratic or Republican issue; it’s a fundamental question about what kind of democracy we want.

Join Lawrence and ZOOM’D host John Schmidt as they explore why and how to “Fix Congress First,” including legislation to support public financing of elections and small dollar donations.    

Recent Guests:

May 17 Guest: Dr. Manuel Pastor on “Immigration in America”
Dr. Manuel Pastor, Professor of Geography and American Studies & Ethnicity at the University of Southern California and Co-Director of USC’s Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration, joined ZOOM’D for a look at immigration in America. With Arizona’s new law as a backdrop, Manuel explored the many facets involved: demographic patterns, economics, politics, history, and the human stories behind all of these. He helped define realities to create a picture of what true, meaningful, and just immigration reform in America might look like.

April 19 Guest:  John McGuire on “Headroom for Change and Transformation”
John McGuire, Senior Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership and co-author of the book Transforming Your Leadership Culture, took a provocative look at the inside-out challenge of leadership and transformational change–and why the lion’s share of large-scale change efforts fail. Drawing upon substantive research and practical experience, John explored the idea of “headroom” and the process of building “bigger minds” in support of leadership culture and organization transformation.

April 12 Guest:  Jigar Shah on “The Carbon War Room”
Jigar Shah, CEO of the Carbon War Room and renowned visionary behind launch of the SunEdison solar energy company, explored the inspirational work of the Carbon War Room: harnessing the power of entrepreneurs to implement market-driven solutions to climate change. Recognizing that the carbon-industrial complex is rapidly threatening our future, destroying natural resources, and increasing CO2 levels, the Carbon War Room is waging war on “business as usual.” Jigar and ZOOM’D host John Schmidt investigated new thinking, new leadership, and innovation to create a post-carbon economy–while examining the distinctive approach, operations, and battles being waged by the War Room.

April 5 Guest:  Jeffrey Hollender on “The Responsibility Revolution”
Returning guest Jeffrey Hollender, co-founder and chairman of Seventh Generation, the leading US brand of non-toxic household products and a pioneering “good company,”  reviewed his just-published book The Responsibility Revolution: How the Next Generation of Businesses Will Win. He described that for too long the definition of what constitutes “responsible” corporate behavior has been dangerously timid. The responsibility revolution is about reimaging companies from within: innovating new ways of working, instilling a new logic of competing, redefining the very purpose and possibilities of business.

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