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It’s Good to Win!

NaNoWriMo ends today at midnight, but for me it ended last night, when I WON!

I did it!  I won!  (I have to pat myself on the back.)  There were times I wanted to give up, but in the end I was my typically tenacious self and toughed it out.  I weighed it, I measured it, and I knocked it on its wordy butt!

If you’re not familiar with NaNoWriMo, check it out.  It’s the annual masochistic ritual for writers similar to the spawning runs of salmons or the trek of the penguins to the pole (*pant, pant*).

But in all seriousness, this was my first year participating, and I must say that I found the daily uploading of an ever-growing manuscript quite motivational. There’s nothing like watching your word count grow, with a little program on the NaNo site telling where you are—complete with a bar graph—how long it should take you to finish at the pace you’re setting, and how many words you need to write a day to complete your book on time and WIN!

And what do you win? Self-satisfaction, a first draft of something you’ve probably been meaning to write anyway and just never found the time or the right kick in the pants, and a little winner logo of your choice … like the one at right!

Ah!  It’s a good feeling.  All right, now it’s back to life and everything I’ve been neglecting for the past month.



If you’re like me, you have people in your life for whom it is not easy to shop. But if they read and/or like movies, I have an idea for you.

Just in time for the holidays and that last-minute gift-buying scramble, the fabulous repository of some wonderful movie reviews and recommendations known as A BOOK FULL OF MOVIES is marked down!  That’s right, we’re having a sale!

Well, darn it, I don’t think it is relevant that everyone and his brother is having a sale after Thanksgiving.  It’s the thought that counts.  So there.

The paperback version that you can hold, bookmark, dog-ear, and fill with margin notes, checking off the movies you’ve seen, is now (drum roll, please)

just $16.95

Hurry!  It’ll go back up to $19.95 after the holidays.

You can buy it at my estore (CLICK HERE for estore) or at (CLICK HERE for Amazon).


There is also a Kindle version, which I don’t think is as cool, even though I just got a Kindle and can’t put it down (yes, I’m a big geek and have to play with all the buttons).  The digital formatting just doesn’t work as well for this book; go figure).  But if you want the electronic version, it is now

just $6.99

Like the paperback, it’ll go back up after the holidays.  CLICK HERE for the Kindle edition.


If you would rather have a simple PDF version for your PC or your Kindle (where the formatting stays as it was meant to be in this book), let me know, and we’ll make it happen!

Give a gift that keeps on giving!

(Yes, I promise volume is still “coming soon” … I am simply working with the extended sense of “soon.”)

Happy Holidays!



What it means: lacking in interest, vitality, and purpose; listless or lethargic; lazy or indolent, in a dreamy way

From the mid-18th-century interjection lackadaisy, which means “alas, alack” (1748), an alteration of lack-a-day, from alack the day.  Hence, “given to crying ‘lack-a-day,’ vapidly sentimental.” Sense probably altered by influence of lax.

Why I chose it: It’s a such a musical word, for such a dreamy, dreary disposition.

Something Squirrelly Going On

It’s autumn, and the squirrels are gathering their supplies for winter. Fair enough.

But they’re doing it everywhere. And there seem to be millions of them. I have seen more squirrels lately than I ever noticed before. Is it just that I didn’t look in other years, or are they planning some kind of offensive?

Whenever the weather permits and the piles of work aren’t too precariously high, I grab my iPod and walk the hood for about an hour. It’s refreshing and good exercise … and about the only time in life that I get away from the computer. It used to be that I’d see maybe a squirrel or two along my give-or-take three-mile journey. They would scamper away at a distance as I approached.

Lately, the squirrels seem to have seriously multiplied. And they are brazenly unafraid. They run alongside the sidewalk where I’m tramping along. They scamper up a nearby tree and stay on the side of the trunk I’m looking at, gazing back at me as I pass. They frolic on the grass or in the road, hardly noticing I’m there.

Ah, but the roads … now that’s a problem. Congruently, I’ve also seen a heckuva lot more squirrel roadkill this year. I know, I know, people say these little furry nut-hunters are like country rats — disease carrying and vicious at times. But, come on, they are so adorable and such fun to watch as they run around nervously micromanaging their corner of the world. They’re like the desperate housewives of woodland creatures.

My roomy has named the squirrel that frequents our backyard Skippy. (Never mind that, like Lassie, “Skippy” is probably a dozen or more different creatures, changing places at whim and will. I don’t want to burst my roomy’s bubble.)  This perky-eared rodent (or series of rodents) is a giggle a minute.  He’ll perch on a fencepost, make quacking noises, and shake his bushy tail, taunting my cat, seeming to know instinctively that the feline predator is trapped on his screened-porch observation deck. Or he’ll try climbing or jumping onto the bird feeder — which is not meant for him and is tricked out to prevent his efforts — eventually settling for picking at the seeds on the ground below that the birds have been kind and clumsy enough to drop.

Skippy has friends now.  Many friends.  They are everywhere.

So, if you have a chance, I’d love to hear the news about the squirrel activity in other parts of the country. Maybe we all need to start getting ready to fend them off — heck, if they get their flying cousins involved, they could really do some damage.  Forget the zombie apocalypse; we might have a squirrel apocalypse on our hands.

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