What it means: To gallivant (alternative spellings galivant or galavant) means to gad about (wander) in search of diversion or pleasure, often in search of or with the opposite sex; to travel around with no other purpose than for pleasure; to flirt and play romantically.

This verb was introduced in the early nineteenth century and may have been a variant of gallant, whose adjective form meant “brave, noble, and chivalrous,” but which had begun to be used in verb form to mean “became a lover of or escorted someone.” Hmm!

Why I chose it: When we were talking about words-for-thought, my roomy suggested this whimsical and mellifluous addition for my blog. I ♥ it.

Did you know? There is a travel and adventure web series called “Galavanting.”

I’ll be gallivanting around this holiday season, getting some R&R from a busy year!