It’s been a fairly satisfying movie-watching month so far.  I’m diving head first into the “comfort food” of animated features lately, and it’s so much fun to watch these deliciously talent-filled creations.  And now, maybe I’ll find a little time to go see more of the Oscar hopefuls.

Film Grade Comment
SAW: The Final Chapter (2010) B The SAW franchise has been awesome (for us gruesome-death aficionados), and I’m glad it’s been brought to a close before it gets too ridiculous. The finale is a bit disjointed, and I didn’t find Bobby’s journey all that compelling, but the twists are pretty satisfying. Blood, guts, fear … how fun!
Secretariat (2010) B+ Another movie-of-the-week type story, but well done – Diane Lane never disappoints.
Let Me In (2010) B+ Nicely done – except for the ludicrous CG scenes – but I emphatically prefer the Swedish original (Let the Right One In).
Blast from the Past (1999) A Just a classic!  Brendan Fraser is perfect as the innocent young man who was brought up underground, and Chris Walken/Sissy Spacek as his parents are brilliant!  Dave Foley is a great addition too!
The Social Network (2010) A- Excellent performances and some killer dialogue – very enjoyable to watch, though I’m not thinking Best Picture at the Oscars.
How to Train Your Dragon (2010) A Adorable story! Brilliantly crafted! The Scottish Vikings had me a bit duped at first (O_o), but I got used to that.  Super fun to watch!

As always, I’d love to hear what you thought of these and any other movies you’ve seen lately!