Just finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  The saga of Amy and Nick was hard to put down.  It truly kept me on the edge of my seat, anticipating what the characters would do next.  That’s a good thing!

But now that I am done, I cannot decide whether or not I’m satisfied with the ending.  And the ending of a book is sooo important, as all readers know!  This is a well-written and racy mystery that ends in, gosh, a kind of quiet desperation. Maybe that’s apropos of its thinly veiled commentary on married life (while the author is supposedly happily married to the man of her dreams… hmm).  Though I’m not sure it was my favorite ending, however, I must bestow accolades for the quality of twisting plot, vivid characters, and solid prose that kept me riveted throughout the distressing tale.

I’ll try not to be spoilerish as I make a few comments.  This is an enthralling read to discover and unwrap on your own, so I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. That said:

  1. I am mad at Nick.  Furious, actually.  Sure, there was not too much else to be done once things got too far out of hand.  But there were opportunities … missed opportunities for things to turn out differently.
  2. Like Amy, I watch enough police procedural shows (OK, not so closely and not so psychotically) to know that there should have been something that could have pointed the investigators in the right direction.
  3. Finally, I am no psychologist, like Amy’s parents, but I’m thinking the final outcome is unlikely even in the most tidily constructed of fictional universes. Call me crazy (not psycho), but could life really go on the way it does in the end?

All of this nail-biting angst, wondering if things should or could have gone differently, brings me to the conclusion that this is a terrific book.  Why?  Because I cared (still care, apparently) about the characters.  I’m sitting here wondering what they’re up to now that the book has ended!