Thanks to my current life of leisure (HA!) after relocating to Arizona, I have been able this year to view all of the best picture nominees on the Academy Awards’ slate. (Actually, it has more to do with my mom and partner in crime being willing and eager to go with me to all the matinees, which are refreshingly inexpensive here in the desert.) It’s great to look forward to Sunday with the knowledge that I’ll get some of the inside jokes about the films and actors.


So where are my reviews? Well, I was asked to provide my insights as a guest blogger on a film review site called Cinefessions, created by my fellow movie aficionado Branden (@Psymin1), so that’s where they are.

The reviews begin here, and at the bottom of each post is a link to the next post.  There are ten in all: one for each nominated film (the movies appear in alphabetical order) and one final wrap-up with thoughts and predictions. Be sure to leave comments and click the “Like” button if enjoy the site and reviews!

Enjoy! I’m off to chill some champagne.