Z is for Zu, ZuZu, Zuzana.

I’m a writer, I’m a movie freak, and I’m many other things I won’t go into. I dedicate this blog to pleasant and uplifting reflections. No ranting…

My favorite beers…

new-picture-321    new-picture-32

My favorite kitties…  (R.I.P., boys)


Some random favorite things…

  • watching movies on a lazy weekend
  • cafe au lait and beignets in New Orleans
  • gazing at the ocean
  • spending sunny days and warm evenings with good friends
  • wandering around Old Town in Prague
  • reading a really gripping book … and hoping it has sequels
  • that ahhh! feeling of finishing a well-crafted project
  • fresh, ripe fruit
  • roast duck with crispy skin
  • people who don’t sweat the small stuff
  • … and more movies!

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