Global warming. Hmm.

Last year, I built the first snowman since my days growing up in Wisconsin. And I built it in the deep south, in a suburb of Atlanta.

A week and a half ago, I got stuck an extra day in Arizona (not a bad place to be stuck, mind you) because snow had shut down the busiest airport in the world, Atlanta Hartsfield International.

And here we are again with a few inches on the ground and freezing rain and sleet expected throughout the day, so that we all may miss a couple of days of work. This is nothing to the northerners who are adept at traversing winter streets. But here, we have no snow tires, we possess a total of eight (yes, eight) sand and salt trucks for the entire city, and we simply … shut down with a few flakes.

Ah, well.  Enjoy the snow day.

Snow in the Air

by Raymond A. Foss

Snow in the air
long before the first flakes
started their long fall from the heavens
snow in the feel, the smell,
the texture of the air
feeling the falling barometer
the shift in the weather
Falling lightly at first, while
I stood at the sink,
mesmerized, watching
their dance downward
Go upstairs, roust the girls,
hear the excitement, the joy
at the first real snowfall
Accumulating white, flake by flake
on the ground, the cars,
still quiet snow, light and airy
a film of white, cell by cell
cleaning the world
in white