Bite Me
Bite Me by Christopher Moore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The continuing adventures of Abby Normal, the Countess Jody, the Dark Lord Flood, and their assorted minions — not to mention the Emperor of San Francisco, the Animals, and one giant shaved cat named Chet and his horde of vampire kitties that can turn to fog — all pursued by detectives Rivera and Cavuto, plus the ancient vampires trying to “clean up” and remain hidden. If that is not fun summer reading, I don’t know what is!

Moore has a wicked sense of humor that’s present and accounted for in this third “love story” book [its predecessors being Bloodsucking Fiends (A Love Story, #1) and You Suck (A Love Story, #2)]. He also knows how turn a phrase into a hysterical observation that will make you spit milk out of your nose. The familiar characters are back in all their glory, confusion, and goofiness. And while some found it annoying, I really enjoyed Abby’s Valley-Girlish narration (used sporadically throughout the book); I did not think it was overdone at all, and it was so much fun to read.