Thought I’d pass along some fun links.  Yes, information overload is a real issue these days. That’s why I am very choosy when it comes to opting in to receive any kind of updates. But here are a few that I have found consistently to be informative, brief, and fun.

Fun and Frivolity

Daily Candy is a new lifestyle site with general news and specific pages for a dozen major urban areas. I’m not much for the latest trends and guff like that, but the Daily Candy e-newsletter is fresh and clean, crisply written, and filled with interesting notes about new places and products.

Write Right

You may think, “Well, you’re a writer, so you care about this…” Au contraire–EVERYONE should care about communicating clearly. And the “Better Writing at Work” periodic e-newsletter from Syntax Training offers brief and effective ways to brush up on our skills.

Atlanta Happenings

For those of you in the ATL, subscribing to Atlanta Daybook provides an insight to some of the newsworthy upcoming happenings. Typically these are things you won’t hear about on the evening news–at least not until later. The service is also great for anyone wanting to make an announcement, attract press coverage, and get established as an expert in any field. (Daybook is available in Nashville and DFW  as well.)

If you have other suggestions, please do share!