Actor Dennis Hopper died Saturday at age 74, after a battle with prostate cancer.

If the afterlife at all mimics life on earth, somehow I don’t think Mr. Hopper will be resting much.

Say what you will about Dennis Hopper’s lifelong lawless antics – as an actor, he was sublime.  I have always loved watching him … I believe my first glimpse was when he portrayed a charismatic Nazi in a 1963 episode of The Twilight Zone.

Hopper was fearless.  He attacked every role – the good ones and the stinky ones – with zeal and creativity.  It made all of his characters real and interesting, and it made him so much fun to watch.

There is way too much to say about Dennis Hopper’s prolific career, so I’ll just include his filmography, and you can click away at the links.

A fond farewell, Dennis – see you on the screen!

Filmography of Dennis Hopper