It’s no secret that Hugh Jackman has been tops on my “guys I think are hot” list for some time. And here, we even get to see him naked. Cool.

I also happen to crave movies based on comic books and graphic novels. So, of course, I had to go see X-Men Origins: Wolverine as soon as it came out. (OK, so I didn’t catch the midnight showing, like someone I know, but I was there today…that counts.)x-men-wolv

Except for a few thin threads, I liked it. You may think, “No surprise there.”  But, mind you, I have been known to be sorely disappointed by some films, especially if I had high hopes (the last of the previous X-Men trilogy was one…darn that deserter Bryan Singer).

There are several points from some reviewers that I don’t agree with. One is that there are too many CG effects. Rubbish. If you want too much CG, go see Transformers. The effects here are well balanced and build as the film progresses. Another is that there are just too many mutants. Dude, it’s a movie about mutants.  It’s about how they stick together, from the opening scenes of two mutant brothers running for safety to the fighting team they form under Stryker, as well as about how they are at odds. It would be tough to show this without mutants. Besides, each one is present for a reason…it’s not as though Logan meets a girl who just happens to also be mutant—she was sent after him. And he sets out to find Gambit because he can point the way to The Island. ‘Nuf said. Continue reading