So, I’ve been home recovering from having my gallbladder yanked out last week.  I am climbing the walls, but alas I am too exhausted to really do anything productive with myself.

But what a good opportunity to watch some movies!

This month, I beg your indulgence with any typos in the brief reviews. Some may have been keyed under the influence of Percocet, making them no less righteous but perhaps a bit less comprehensible.  Since I’m getting nearly nothing productive done on any other front, I refuse to proofread them any further. It’s just how I’m rolling right now.

It was not a bad movie-watching month at all, with a couple of notable exceptions.  What’s different about the report card below is that, due to the number of films, I’ve placed them in alpha order rather than my usual order-in-which-I-watched-them.  Enjoy!  And, as always, let me know what you think of these movies and others that you’ve been watching in this lion and lamb’s month.

Film Grade Comment
Anatomy of a Murder (1959) B+  

Engrossing Otto Preminger murder mystery with a stellar cast led by James Stewart as a straight-talking UP lawyer outsmarting both his clients and the legal geniuses from Lansing. Great old drama that will restore your faith in film entertainment after watching something like The Mutant Chronicles or Paris, Je T’aime. (You’ll see what I mean when you get to those.)
Bitter Feast (2010) B-  

Not bad for a low-budget horror flick. Although there is a smorgasbord of ingredients from other horror films, this movie has a delicious premise that’s fully baked in imagination! A restaurateur and TV cooking show host loses everything after a scathing review from a popular caustic foodie blogger.  Aside from that, we find out the blogger is a victim of self-loathing, brought on by tragedy in his own life. The chef kidnaps the critic and tortures him with a series of brutally inventive food-based devices, having to escalate his strategy as the critic proves fairly unflappable.
Dark City (1998) A  

One of my favorite atmospheric and mind-boggling sci-fi films, and a fave performance of Kiefer Sutherland’s. Though I have seen this movie dozens of times, it never fails to impress and entertain.


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