Here’s a look at three randomly assembled flicks, though what they have in common is that they are meant to thrill. Think of it as a buy-two-get-one-free “thrill me” deal. I got to see all three this weekend: The Crazies (2010), Legion (2010), and Whiteout (2009). Each has its exhilarating moments, to be sure … but do these sustain each movie as a whole?

The Crazies

This remake of a 1973 George Romero movie of the same name starts out promisingly. The plot develops quickly, from one alleged drunk shot on a baseball field to another loon setting his house on fire—with his wife and son inside—and soon we’re looking at a full-blown epidemic. But all too soon it becomes muddled and disconnected. Are the bad guys the zombie-like maniacs that our heroes were trying to get away from, or are the real villains the government stooges trying to contain what they caused? There are some interesting scenes, but mostly the film is pretty predictable. I felt like I’d seen it before, and I don’t just mean the Romero version. It’s just very similar to many Romero films and plenty of other contagion and zombie movies.

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