ZOOM’D Explores the Importance of Changing the Way We Pursue the Future

Just over a month ago, I told you about a groundbreaking radio program that is exploring the potentially epochal changes that our world faces. zoomdEvery Monday afternoon (and available archived), ZOOM’D features visionaries discussing the immense changes all around us. It is stirring thoughts and motivating action! From the latest update, here’s what’s new:

  • A listener shared the impact that Chris Martenson’s Crash Course and ZOOM’D has had on her: “I’m a changed person. I have mis-read circumstances, and not from a lack of sincerity to see. I discovered that what I was looking at was insufficient. It has been an experience of waking up.”

June 8th Guest:  Sean Esbjörn-Hargens, Ph.D., John F. Kennedy University; Integral Institute

The show’s fifth guest, Sean Esbjörn-Hargens, is Associate Professor at JFKU, founding chair of its Integral Theory program and Director of the Integral Research Center; and Vice President of Integral Institute’s Applications and Research.

Entitled Changing the Way We Pursue the Future: Uniting Multiple Perspectives, this show broadly draws upon content of the first four episodes to establish a big picture view of the value of multiple perspectives, and how these perspectives fit together regarding “who is looking at what, how.” The show builds a compelling rationale for why issues can be so conflicted and why so little progress is made. Most approaches to complex issues rely on objective, scientific accounts alone, which are not only partial but often cripple solutions to difficult challenges. The show establishes an explicit frame regarding objective and subjective aspects of reality – the exterior and interior of life. It also builds understanding about the developmental nature of mindsets and how current issues, challenges, and the future itself can be seen from different altitudes among leaders.

June 15th Guest:  Dr. David Martin, Executive Chairman M·CAM, Inc.

This show, entitled Recognizing Financial and Dollar Realities, takes a sobering look at the financial crises and elements of the path forward that must be considered and anticipated, including implications on personal and societal wealth. It explores in particular the US situation and the dollar, and its relationship to major global players and the global economic and financial system at large. David’s deep base of experience and knowledge of complexities of the financial world will help establish an unbiased view of reality, and further contribute to painting a big picture of the whole that ZOOM’D is helping to clarify in the early segments of the series. Continue reading