On Monday, June 21, Bill Liao, respected entrepreneur and author of Stone Soup: The Secret Recipe for Making Something from Nothing, joins ZOOM’D to explore the Stone Soup way—a new philosophy of business, development, and living that combines age-old wisdom with contemporary insights and skills. Deriving inspiration from the important message embodied in the traditional folktale about stone soup, Bill engages a wide-ranging conversation about the outer world and our interior lives—and how business, NGOs, community groups, and all types of organizations can work together to create a meaningful revolution toward a better world. One focal point of the conversation and example of stone soup inspiration and potential is WeForest, an initiative intended to halt climate change by creating clouds that will cool the earth until a low-carbon miracle happens. Join Bill and ZOOM’D host John Schmidt as they investigate “Stone Soup and the secret recipe for making something from nothing.”

Bill Liao, Australian entrepreneur, philanthropist, diplomat and author, is co-founder of the social network XING and CEO of Finaxis AG, a privately-held financial services company. Bill is a special diplomatic envoy for St. Kitts and Nevis, with focus on sustainable development and the environment. He is founder and coordinator of Neo.org, a global citizenship initiative, and WeForest.com, which will reforest twenty million square kilometres of stripped land. He is dedicated to the vision that business and enterprise, conducted fairly and with respect for the environment, can and will improve work, life, and the world that we all share. This vision is captured in his book, Stone Soup: The Secret Recipe for Making Something from Nothing. Bill is a mentor to budding entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and a regular at conferences and seminars internationally, speaking about social media and networking, entrepreneurship, making something from nothing, sustainability and development.

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