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New Guests on ZOOM’D Leadership

Source: ZOOM’D update email by Cynthia McEwen, Avastone Consulting

ZOOM’D Leadership explores the importance of changing the way we pursue the future. ZOOM’D is on the air live each Monday, 2 to 3 p.m. Eastern time, 11 a.m. to noon Pacific.

January 11 Guest:
James Howard Kunstler on “The Long Emergency”

James Howard Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency, World Made by Hand, and numerous other books, joins ZOOM’D to shake up thinking about the challenges posed by the coming permanent oil crisis, climate change, and other converging catastrophes of the 21st century. In a riveting description of realities and contraction that the world faces, James highlights two competing forces at play: the dominant push toward the status quo with self-correction back to a consumer-centered growth economy, and the minority force that calls for radically new arrangements in daily life and intelligent responses to the real dynamics at hand.

James explores the pressure points and tensions underlying where we are now, what we can expect this year, and where our current path is taking us in the longer term. Underpinning the direct and no-holds-barred conversation is an ever-growing emphasis on resilience–a watchword central to both communities and our personal lives going forward.

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January 18 Guest:
Dr. Michael Vlahos on “Ancient Patterns of Human Change”

Dr. Michael Vlahos, distinguished professional and author with broad knowledge and expertise in history, anthropology, national security studies, and foreign policy, joins ZOOM’D to explore the nature of human change and the coming great transition as seen through the lens of ancient historical transformations.

Combining perspectives from his 2009 book, Fighting Identity: Sacred War and World Change, experience in his role on the national security assessment team of the National Security Analysis Department at Johns Hopkins University, and rich historical investigations brought alive through masterful examples using art, Michael brings to the table a unique lens with a different prism concerning coming change, “sacred identity,” and war. Other cultures and civilizations have lived with globalization and many parallels to the challenges we face today–and offer much that we can learn. Don’t miss this holistic and naturally integral conversation.

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Source: ZOOM’D update email by Cynthia McEwen, Avastone Consulting

ZOOM’D Leadership explores the importance of changing the way we pursue the future. ZOOM’D is on the air live each Monday, 2 to 3 p.m. Eastern time, 11 a.m. to noon Pacific.

August 31 Guest

Nancy Roof, Ph.D., on Kosmos Journal: Viewpoints on Global Shifts


ZOOM’D welcomes Dr. Nancy Roof, founder and editor-in-chief of Kosmos Journal, for a review of meta-perspectives revealed in the writings of contributors to this leading-edge global journal. Nancy describes the unique voice of the journal, key themes and perspectives expressed about global shifts in motion, central contributions to be aware of, and the importance of taking integral whole-views of reality while engaging world change.

Kosmos Journal brings leading-edge ideas to the international community of global citizens, ambassadors to the United Nations and UN Secretariat, and NGOs around the world. Kosmos is also a founding partner of the worldwide initiative Creating the New Civilization, launched by the Goi Peace Foundation in 2005 with the Gorbachev Foundation, Club of Budapest, Club of Rome, Commission on Global Spirituality and Consciousness, and the World Wisdom Council.

Nancy brings a full and rich perspective to the show, including a blend of the macro view from years of consultation at the UN and the up-close-and-personal perspective gleaned through establishing transpersonal psychology programs in the United States in the 1980s.

September 7 Guest

Robb Smith on Integral Life: Supporting a Meta-Perspective

ZOOM’D welcomes Robb Smith, co-founder and CEO of Integral Life and CEO of Integral Institute, for a meta-view of realities today and the important supports that Integral Life and Integral Institute provide to the wide and deep change in motion across the world.

Robb explains the underpinning focus and orientation of Integral Life–the leader of the deep lifestyle movement, helping people live more free and whole lives using the integral philosophy, the first genuine and world philosophy of the 21st century. Integral Life manages and supports the Integral Institute, a nonprofit sister organization that aims to help solve the world’s most complex problems. Robb describes work-in-process across the globe, integral viewpoints and traction being gained, potential to be realized both personally and as a society, and the specific supports available through the Integral community.

Robb brings a rich outlook to the conversation table, blending a business perspective gained as a successful venture capitalist and entrepreneur with insights obtained from philosophy and social entrepreneurship.

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All shows are archived by date and guest, and are generally available within 24 hours after the live show.. The entire ZOOM’D series is available for download through iTunes.

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Radio Show ZOOM’D Continues

Source: ZOOM’D update email by Cynthia McEwen, Avastone Consulting

ZOOM’D Leadership, the show that explores the importance of changing the way we pursue the future, continues with more thought-provoking shows and distinguished guests. ZOOM’D is on the air live each Monday, 2 to 3 p.m. Eastern time, 11 a.m. to noon Pacific.

August 3 Guest: John V. Davis, Ph.D. on Wisdom Foundations of Leadership

John V. Davis, distinguished transpersonal psychologist and ecopsychologist and long-standing teacher of the Diamond Approach path to wisdom, joins ZOOM’D to enrich our understanding about the foundational “state of being” that infuses the human condition and global leadership, further illuminating the inner realm of being that previous guest Richard David Hames broadly pointed to.

John situates his viewpoints on the environment and ecological challenges, as well as other key world issues, from the perspective of timeless wisdom and presence, and describes the relative and essential aspects of the human condition involved. John is one of the finest teachers and purveyors of wisdom in the world today, and this program makes tangible the intersection between the true potential of leaders and essential action needed in the world to evolve the course of humanity.

August 10 Show: Host John D. Schmidt on “So What?”

Join ZOOM’D host John D. Schmidt and Avastone colleagues in a synthesis of key themes and central messages from the first 13 show guests. John’s “So What?” review will weave a compelling story in the context of today’s realities, desired futures, and a world of constant renewal. Don’t miss it!

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All shows are recorded and archived by date and guest, and are generally available within 24 hours after the live show. The entire ZOOM’D series is available for download through iTunes. Please go to ZOOM’D Leadership, VoiceAmerica to find the archives.

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Listen Up!

Source: ZOOM’D update email by Cynthia McEwen, Avastone Consulting

Listeners know that ZOOM’D guests are animated by the big trends of our day and are giving voice to the foresight, provocative thinking, and real-world insights needed.

One listener wrote: “Dear John, really love the show. I know it’s a ton of work, but it’s a great contribution. The interview with David Martin was spectacular.”

Our two recent guests showcase the quality of exploration happening on the show:

  • David Martin, Executive Chairman of M*CAM, joined ZOOM’D on June 15. David crystallized little- known realities contributing to the financial meltdown and what he sees coming on the horizon. David made clear that riding the ship down is not the best idea, and emphasized the need to understand wealth and value in terms other than monetary. David made the link between a resilient humanity and “all-in consequence and cost” — a kind of transparency that reveals the humanity involved in producing our way of life.
  • Jeb Brugmann, internationally recognized urbanist and winner of the 2007 Harvard Business Review McKinsey Award for best article, joined ZOOM’D on Monday June 22. Jeb offered a crucial perspective about what generates urban resilience in a way that most sustainability conversations miss. He laid out three qualities of “economic logic” that underpin real city or community resilience, a logic which has been forsaken, pushed aside, and sometimes vilified in the sustainability movement. Once placed at the core, any number of user-designed needs such as environmental health and social equity can fall from this most sustainable logic. Continue reading

ZOOM’D Explores the Importance of Changing the Way We Pursue the Future

Just over a month ago, I told you about a groundbreaking radio program that is exploring the potentially epochal changes that our world faces. zoomdEvery Monday afternoon (and available archived), ZOOM’D features visionaries discussing the immense changes all around us. It is stirring thoughts and motivating action! From the latest update, here’s what’s new:

  • A listener shared the impact that Chris Martenson’s Crash Course and ZOOM’D has had on her: “I’m a changed person. I have mis-read circumstances, and not from a lack of sincerity to see. I discovered that what I was looking at was insufficient. It has been an experience of waking up.”

June 8th Guest:  Sean Esbjörn-Hargens, Ph.D., John F. Kennedy University; Integral Institute

The show’s fifth guest, Sean Esbjörn-Hargens, is Associate Professor at JFKU, founding chair of its Integral Theory program and Director of the Integral Research Center; and Vice President of Integral Institute’s Applications and Research.

Entitled Changing the Way We Pursue the Future: Uniting Multiple Perspectives, this show broadly draws upon content of the first four episodes to establish a big picture view of the value of multiple perspectives, and how these perspectives fit together regarding “who is looking at what, how.” The show builds a compelling rationale for why issues can be so conflicted and why so little progress is made. Most approaches to complex issues rely on objective, scientific accounts alone, which are not only partial but often cripple solutions to difficult challenges. The show establishes an explicit frame regarding objective and subjective aspects of reality – the exterior and interior of life. It also builds understanding about the developmental nature of mindsets and how current issues, challenges, and the future itself can be seen from different altitudes among leaders.

June 15th Guest:  Dr. David Martin, Executive Chairman M·CAM, Inc.

This show, entitled Recognizing Financial and Dollar Realities, takes a sobering look at the financial crises and elements of the path forward that must be considered and anticipated, including implications on personal and societal wealth. It explores in particular the US situation and the dollar, and its relationship to major global players and the global economic and financial system at large. David’s deep base of experience and knowledge of complexities of the financial world will help establish an unbiased view of reality, and further contribute to painting a big picture of the whole that ZOOM’D is helping to clarify in the early segments of the series. Continue reading

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