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What it means: adjective meaning without aim, pattern, or purpose; by chance; every member of a set having an equal probability of being chosen

“You begin Scrabble with a random selection of seven letter tiles.”   I ♥ Scrabble!

  • slang: something unexpectedly irrelevant but often amusing
    • “I watched this great movies last night; it was about…  Whoa, look at that squirrel!”
    • “Dude, random.”

From ME “succession, surge,” from Anglo-French randun (randon) “speed, violence,” from OF randir “to run, to gallop,” of Germanic origin (possibly from OHG rinnan “to run”)

Why I chose it: I dunno … I picked it at random.


What it means: to submerge; to cover completely; to surge over

From ME. welmen (or whelmen), perhaps a merging of OE hwelfan “to cast down” and helmian “to cover.” The cognate helm, of course, is the wheel or tiller to steer a ship; the use of whelm may have begun to describe the sinking of a ship.

Why I chose it: We use the word overwhelm pretty regularly.  Why not just whelm?  Seems like overkill to me (which is overkill for kill itself, ’cause let’s face it, once something is dead, it’s tough to kill it some more). I thought about this word because, well, I’m feeling a bit whelmed.  It’s a busy time, which is a very good thing!  But I’m getting a little tired and need to catch up on sleep.  You could say I’ve got that sinking feeling…  😉

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